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Barbie® Hairtastic® Doll V9516-X7884
by Barbie

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Product Description

Barbie® Hair-Tastic!® Doll Assortment
  • Featuring three new Barbie® dolls, the Barbie® Hair-tastic!® doll assortment is fab-tastic! These glam gals enchant with ultra-long hair in the most unexpected colors! Each doll's thick, luxurious hair reaches below her waist (even covering her bum) and features a cool two-tone look.
  • Choose a blonde doll with pretty Barbie® pink streaks.
  • Opt for a sophisticated blend of brunette and blonde. Or go wild with black hair and gorgeous shades of purple!
  • Leave these magnificent manes down or style them in ways to further highlight the fun colors.
  • Girls can keep these dolls looking their best with the included brush that features signature style.
  • Of course, each doll also comes dressed in a hip fashion.
  • The short, sparkly dresses have colorful prints and unique, halter-like tops.
  • The blonde/pink doll shines in a light blue and pink print; the brunette/blonde doll sparkles in dark pink and blue; and the black/purple doll delights in orange and hot pink.
  • Strappy shoes complete a fantastic look! Includes doll and styling brush.
  • Dolls cannot stand alone.
  • Each sold separately, subject to availability.

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