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Beyblade Beywheelz Battler W-03 Slash Warrior Destroyer

Beyblade Beywheelz Battler W-03 Slash Warrior Destroyer

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BEYBLADE BEYWEELZ battlers are a totally new way to battle!

Powered by the rip-infused action of BEYBLADE, BEYWHEELZ have three ways to battle crashes, stunts and races.

Use the code that comes with each BEYWHEELZ to battle online at

For spectacular battles and awesome stunts, launch into BEYWHEELZ powered by BEYBLADE!

Cool crashes! Awesome stunts!

Three Ways to Battle!

With three ways to battle, the action is always fun and exciting.

Crashes! Stunts! Races!

BEYWHEELZ have their own unique launching technique.

Attach the battler to the WHEELZ LAUNCHER, and push the launcher off the ripcord to deploy the battler.

Send your Slash Warrior Destroyer battler crashing into your opponents BEYWHEELZ battler.

Compete with your friends to see who can create the most awesome BEYWHEELZ stunts.

Race your Slash Warrior Destroyer battler against your friends BEYWHEELZ battler to see which one will reach the finish line first.

The instruction guide includes battling ideas and tips to launch you into battle right away!

Customize Your BEYWHEELZ Battler! BEYWHEELZ battlers have four parts the SPIRIT AXLE, SPIRIT SHIELD, ENERGY CORE, and ATTACK GEAR.

You can customize your BEYWHEELZ battler by switching around the parts with other BEYWHEELZ battlers.

Each BEYWHEELZ battler is strongest in one of three categories Speed, Power or Balance.

To guide you when you are customizing your battler, the chart on the package shows the category strengths of the SPIRIT SHIELD, ENERGY CORE and ATTACK GEAR, and the name of the part.

Country of Origin : India

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