Cubic Fun C704H Empire State Building 3D Puzzle, 39 Pieces
by Frank Puzzles

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Product Description

  • This cubicfun model is based on the Empire State Building on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan New York. 
  • Cubicfun is well known for their highly sophisticated design and a highly detailed 3D puzzle of famous landmark architectures from around the world. Made of cardboard and EPS foam, no scissor or glue needed.
  • Easy to assemble, perfect learning tools for kids through play. Great gift for the holiday season.


Size: 165x120x385mm
Pieces: 39 pcs
Material: Paper & EPS foam

  • Display as an art/decoration/collection. Gift for children/friends. Family Puzzle. 

What's in the box?

  1. Push-fit 3d puzzle with durable materials, easy to assemble
  2. Colorful assembly instruction with background knowledge of the architecture
Assembly Steps:
  1. Follow the instructions on the booklet to build your puzzle. Each puzzle piece is numbered to help you complete the assembly.
  2. Punching out all the interlocking holes before assembly is adviced.
  3. To make sure every pieces can be clearly identified, do not pop out all pieces at once, please only detach those pieces you need for each step during the assembly (as pieces numbers are all printed on the puzzle sheet next to every puzzle pieces).
  • Assemble with patience and carefulness, do not force to interlock any two pieces/components.
  • Every puzzle pieces have two sides, and can be bended into only one direction, please make sure the correct side of the pieces are faced outward.
  • Assemble every section of the model without any tools, such as knife, and scissors, neither as gluing.


Product Attributes

  • Easy to assemble     
  • No tools needed
  • No gluing
  • Original design     
  • Stereopsis training      
  • Edutainment
  • Family games

CubicFun is committed to providing quality products that users can enjoy and learn from for a long time!
Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask us without hesitation.

Country of Origin : China

Return Policy : Non Returnable , Non Refundable , No Replacement

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