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Funskool Mastermind 4966200
by Dash'n'Jess

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Product Description

Engage in a Battle of Wits

The Funskool Mastermind is a must-have game for all intellectual kids who like to accept difficult challenges.

It is a game that requires two people to engage in a battle of wits. Whoever is smarter amongst the competitors, wins the game.

This game meant for two players, requires one person to create codes and the other one to crack that code.

Both of them have to constantly make use of logic and wit to make sure that they do not let the other person win the code cracking game.

Easy to Play Logic-Based Game

The Funskool Mastermind game is a completely logic-based game.

It features a board complete with a storage area for all the pins and pegs included in the game.

It features a shielded area where one of the players makes a colour code. The other player has to start by guessing what the code is.

The person who created the colour code needs to give hints using white and red pins, while the opponent uses logic to crack it.

This game for 8 year old kids encourages your little one to reason and think logically.

Country of Origin : India

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