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Giggles Stacking Barrels, Multi Color 0205300
by Dash'n'Jess

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Product Description

Fun Game For Toddlers

The Funskool Stacking Barrels is a fun and educational game designed for toddlers.

It brings a set of five barrels painted in different shades like yellow, green, blue, purple and red.

All of these barrels are made of detachable parts. Your toddler can easily detach each of these Stacking Barrels and put them together again.

What's more, all of these barrels are of different sizes and can nest inside one another.

Your kid can even use these barrels to stack them one on top of another and have fun.

Introduces Your Kid to Shapes and Colours

Along with keeping your child entertained and engaged for a long time, the Stacking Barrel toy teaches your little one a lot of things.

One of the most important benefits of this set is that it introduces your kid to colours.

As toddlers can detach the parts of the barrel and reattach them, they will learn to recognise different shapes and sizes.

Stacking is another thing that these educational toys for kids teach them.

This is a great option to develop your child's motor and hand-on skills as well as improve his or her hand-eye co-ordination.

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