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Interactive Swing Goose ( Green Light ) 828 G
by Dash'n'Jess

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Product Description

  • High-Low Volume Control, Hold neck and Struggle function.
  • Special music of 3 Hip-hop Style.
  • Music Rhythm with Flashing Lights.
  • Language Function: Vivid, Lively, Humorous, and Funny Language!
  • Flexble Walking Action.
  • Colors of goose may vary
  • Incorporates 3 hip-hop songs with distinct rhythms
  • Vibrant Colors, songs, and dancing all preinstalled. The child will enjoy dancing and moving with the universal moving function installed in the goose.
  • Imitating and chasing the goose can exercise baby's limbs large motor skills.
  • Ideal for kids -18 months and above

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