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Hot Wheels Colour Shifters Sharkport Showdown BGK04
by Dash'n'Jess

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Product Description

  • Avoid getting trapped in the shark's chomping jaws as you race down the ramp from the top of the tower
  • Hit the release lever to launch any captured cars into safety
  • Set features two color-change zones - a dunk tank and splash pool
  • Sharkport showdown play set comes with a color shifters car
  • Attach set to existing hot wheels tracks to expand your racing world
  • Car Color and Design May Vary

Product Description

Escape the giant car-chomping shark in this exciting, action-packed, colour-changing thrill ride.

Speed down from the top of the tower ramp, but watch out - the shark is hungry for some metal munchies and ready to trap your vehicle in his chomping jaws.

If you get caught, send another vehicle down the ramp and aim for the release lever.

Hit it just right and you’ll launch your trapped car to safety.

Miss and you could fly off the track-then both of your cars are shark food.

Shark port Showdown comes with a colour Shifters car and two colour-change zones: A dunk tank and splash pool.

1st in Car Class

Hot Wheels have been boys’ favourite push around and racing die-cast cars for over 45 years. Widely popular with both kids and collectors, the brand continues to blaze new trails and respond to innovative trends.

Transform your ride before your eyes

Now you can transform the colour of your Hot Wheels cars with Colour Shifters vehicles! It’s fun to dunk and simple, too: warm or icy water changes the car’s colour. Some vehicles even feature a multi-colour transformation! A wide variety of available decos and shades offer something cool for every car fan. Splash or dunk your Colour Shifters vehicle in water and watch your ride transform before your very eyes! It’s like having two cars in one.

Drive to Survive

Boys love action sets full of dangerous challenges, adventure and excitement. They will have a blast navigating this themed water and speed play set trying to free their car from the jaws of the metal-munching shark. When they do, they save the day!

If They Can Dream It, They Can Build It

Boys love being in creative control and constructing their ideal courses. The Sharkport Showdown is part of a compelling, diverse system of stunts and racing sets that work together and attach to existing Hot Wheels tracks. Now boys can expand their racing world and create the course of their dreams – with versatility and ease!


Country of Origin Hong Kong

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