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Lego Mixel Vaka-Waka Building Kit , Lego Mixels 41553
by Lego

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Product Description

  • Double the Munchos fun with Vaka-Waka! Meet Vaka-Waka, the odd 'couple' with a stomach head, 1 of 3 posable Munchos tribe members featured in LEGO Mixels Series 6 sets. Vaka-Waka are two Mixels Munchos in one! Vaka is the top half of the duo and in charge of food input, while 'stomach head' Waka handles the output.
  • whether he likes it or not. Vaka usually eats before thinking, shoving everything into his mouth.
  • That means poor Waka has to deal with digesting everything from rotten fish heads to battery acid!
  • No wonder Vaka looks the happier of this joined-at-the-belly pair of Munchos!
  • Features a head with opening jaw, 'stomach head' with big teeth, posable joints and food elements. Collect all 3 Munchos to build the chew-tastic MAX!.

Country of Origin Denmark

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