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Lego Mixels Nurp-Naut Building Kit , Lego Mixel 41529

Lego Mixels Nurp-Naut Building Kit , Lego Mixel 41529

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  • See both sides of life with two-faced Nurp-Naut! Whirl the spinning head of two-faced Nurp-Naut, 1 of 3 Orbitons tribe members featured in LEGO Mixels Series 4 sets.
  • Two-faced Nurp-Naut is both the baby and the elder of the Orbitons tribe.
  • This split personality has one face with the innocent eyes of a toddler, and another with the all-seeing cyclops eye of a know-it-all elder.
  • And if he wasn't so forgetful, his flashes of wisdom might be more use to his tribe mates.
  • It's lucky Nurp-Naut has a helmet, too, because that spinning head often causes this accident-prone Mixel to spin out of control and bonk his head on moon rocks!.
Country of Origin : India

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