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Mechanix Blix - Amusement Park 06007
by Dash'n'Jess

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Product Description

  • Knowledge: Teaches about art of designing and construction.
  • Creativity: Unleash your creativity with limitless imaginative models to the fast and impatient generation of today.
  • Reasoning: Easy to handle , fix & unbreakable. Develop a fascination for the unique, versatile and beautiful construction system.
  • BLIX AMUSEMENT PARK, In this age of speed and technology it is extremely important to give your child the fighting edge. To help them develop this aptitude for technology give them a fun filled, exciting, thought provoking and developmental tool or toy as you'd like to call it. Give your child a BLIX - Amusement Park.
  • In this set your child will build various contraptions that they would see in an amusement park, including giant wheels, tora-tora, and cups and saucers. This varied model base with multiple functions will enable them to learn mechanical principles and concepts. For example: the Tora Tora, has 2 speeds, as we'd like to say a different ride, a faster ride for adults and a slower speed ride for children.
  • This is done via changing certain gears and combinations. Similarly the Cup and saucer once made has multiple motions and all of them dependent on each other. Thus enhancing again the child's understanding of mechanisms and mechanical motion.
  • All this done in a very simple way that even a child of 8 will be able to build and understand everything we aspire to with this set.

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